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Psychosomatic symptoms following rape?

It's been about three months since the incident. Initially I was functioning pretty well except for insomnia. Now I can't sleep at all and when I do I have dreams that taint my sleep. In addition to that during my waking hours I have terrible digestion. Even when I don't eat my stomach pains are so uncomfortable I can barely do my research tasks.

I don't think the details about the incident are necessary. I just don't know what to do in order to alleviate the symptoms. I want to go to a Psychiatrist, but I live in ALABAMA where no Psychiatrist will talk to you for more than 15 minutes. Nor can I find any recommendations of a good one without anyone wondering why. I really need to get back to normal life again. Any help/advice would be appreciated.


Thank you for the answers and help. I would prefer to see a Psychiatrist, because they would be more knowledgeable about the physical symptoms I am experiencing. I would hope they would know how to deal with that. A psychologist would only know how to help any psychological/social problems I'm having which currently-I'm not.

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    You definately need therapy.

    See a psychiatrist.

    They may only talk for 15 minutes initially but they will see you monthly and talk more. I've been seeing one for 18 years.

    Don't give up so fast.

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    Actually a psychologist would be the best person to see..... your physical symptoms have a psychological cause. If you are having flashbacks and anxiety then it may be physical but it is psychologically based. A psychiatrist only prescribes medication..... they rarely do therapy. PTSD needs therapy most of all and occasionally needs anti anxiety meds to help until the therapy starts to kick in..... When you work out the psychological issues the physical symptoms go away.... PTSD causes both digestive issues (stress causes ulcers, you could take an ulcer med or you could fix the underlying stress..... if you only take an ulcer meds then the ulcer will come right back unless you get rid of the stress.....) and flashback and nightmares..... See a psychologist.

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    YOu can see whom ever you want , but a psychiatrist only diagnoses and medicates for the most part, not therapy.

    Any one can understand the physical symptoms ......

    If you want to heal quickly from this go to eftuniverse.com click on 'get started free' and download and read the manual. You can apply this free version to your trauma and neutralize it while you apply it..........it really works.

    You can also hire a therapist to help you , even over the phone, once you have learned the method, some good ones at eftmastersworldwide.com

    You can view veterans being healed of this ptsd from war trauma at stressproject.org

    Otherwise the best thing is to find a therapist trained in EMDR and who is supportive.....

    best wishes

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    So sorry to hear of your horrible experience. I do think it sounds like PTSD as well. If a psychiatrist won't talk to you, go to the local clinic and talk to a GP. I'm not sure how you feel about taking medication, but they might be able to give you something that will help. Best of luck and well wishes.

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    Maybe you should see a psychologist rather than a psychiatrist - unless you want medication. Psychologists will see you for at least an hour

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    My condolences. Just know U did not cause this. so U should not accept any self guilt feelings over . this

    The bastard perp is a weak coward he has no power no control over anything.. this act was only way he can boost his self esteem in his mind.

    hope he was caught and convicted. btw i believe a rapist should get death penalty. period.

    re: which doctor or shrink can do what for u....let them decide..

    .i would start out by visit w/ ur family doctor. he/she can refer u to appropriate treatment. best not to self diagnose your own mental conditon.

    .my brother suffers post traumatic stress disorder from viet nam..even today..but in denial of it..

    Source(s): my neighbors adult sister/25 yr old single parent/ was raped by intruder when she slept...never caught. brother has PTSD
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    Sounds like PTSD maybe a a rape call center could help you find help

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