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Should I feel bad for telling a pregnant 12year old she's a slut?

I'm seventeen, and happily still a virgin, i couldn't even imagine have sex at that age much less getting pregnant. Its ridiculous. What has happened to society? I see myself as a well rounded teenager that actually has respect for myself and others. I am no prude but this is just wrong.

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    I'm not going to get into my views as to whether it's okay for a 12 year old to be having sex or not (which it's clearly not lolx)

    but in no way is it okay that you, a 17 year old, tell a child who made a mistake (Yes. children make mistakes, they are not adults. They must learn from experience and role models) that she is a slut. You are obviously not as well rounded as you think if you can go around insulting and bullying children who are 5 years younger then yourself. That kid is probably going through so much right now. What she need is somebody to help her and support her and be a role model for her. She needs a positive role model. If all she gets is insults and abuse she will not change. You should have been more sensitive

    You don't know her situation. You clearly do not have respect for others

    and @Aasd Asdasd. think before you speak. Did you not read the whole comment? ZRyne100 clearly said she was raped

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    If you had to ask then you should already know...telling anyone that is wrong ever if they are a slut let the 12 year old's parents handle that. I had my son when I was 15 which was not the greatest plan but I didn't sit down and let people judge me which happen a lot I got my up went back to school finishes high school before my class did, enrolled in college and I have a degree, my own apt, and a car, plus a job and a hubby so you can make something out of yourself you just have to work twice as hard to accomplish that, should she have been having sex at 12? No but shouldn't have been having sex at 15 either so like I said before leave the comments up to her family and worry about you...

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    Just because you think you are a good person and live a certain way does not give you the right to judge somebody else on what they do. They are going to live their life as they please. Granted a 12 year old should not be having sex, because even though they think they are ready, they will regret it later. I lost my virginity young and regret it, but it happened and there is nothing i can do about it now. It made me a stronger person because i lived and learned, I didn't care what other people tried to tell me at the time. Just beacsue I had sex young does not make me a slut, i stayed with the guy whom i lost my virginity to for 3 years. If you are well rounded and you have respect for others i would just keep your opinions to yourself because they don't really matter.

    Source(s): Having sex or not is not what makes you a well rounded person.
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    If said person were a close friend or sibling, I think you have basis for judging so harshly. However, judge not lest ye be judged. Its dangerous ground taking such a self important high road. You run the risk of being a hypocrite. You can't exactly judge all of society on the actions of one person. If you want a correlation to teen pregnancy, then you can likely look to the current trend in sex education, or lack thereof. Abstinence education, although it appears to keep kids from pursuing sex by scaring them from it, actually has the opposite effect. Teen pregnancies are higher. By not teaching safe sex, schools are not giving teens the tools they need to make responsible decisions. It just doesn't work, no matter how much they want it to, our species is successful because of our sex drive. You can't tell people to just ignore that and expect it to be successful.

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    I can definitely understand your opinion (and I agree that 12 is WAY too young to be having sex), but I'm sure the fact that she now has to carry a baby for 9 months and then spend all of her teen years and 20s taking care of that instead of partying and having fun is bad enough without you putting her down. That's all the punishment she really needs.

    Your harsh words aren't going to change anything; they're just going to make her feel worse. I'm sure if she could go back in time and change what she did, she would.

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    Probably not. But you'd be more useful and seem less of a jerk if you did something more useful. Did this girl get pregnant because no one explained the basics of reproduction to her or denied her access to birth control. Walking around calling names helps no one. It might even be too late for this one, but do something useful. Spread sex education, volunteer for planned parenthood. Do whatever you can so that less children are in the same situation. Make a tiny difference instead of pulling high and mighty on a girl who clearly doesn't make good decisions (hell, she could have been raped. or molested throughout her childhood)

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    Having sex doesn't make you a slut...

    neither does it mean teens having sex don't respect themselves or others!

    I am not gonna say it's right or wrong

    teens have the choice to wait and if not they should at least use protection

    only they know when they are ready for sex but need to have the mentality to take on the


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    Do you know that her pregnancy was a result of sex? When I was 12, I'm 13 now, (34 weeks and 2 days pregnant) I was raped and now I am pregnant. Since only my immediate family and close friends know, people do call me a slut, and it hurts. Even if she did have sex, you shouldn't call her a slut.

    Source(s): Me, 13 and pregnant.
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    Yes...you should feel like a horrible person.

    I lost my virginity at 12 but i was raped...and you never know the situation someone could be in...so i think you need to think about some things before you go judgeing other people.

    and your a 17 year old virgin?!

    that has to be a lie...i dont beleive ANYONE at age 17 is a virgin so yeah...i SO dont beleive that lie.

    Source(s): I know truth
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    yeah well it is wrong and it depends on how she got pregnant.... maybe it was her first time and she got pressured into it and is not a strong enough woman to say no yet. It could be a number of things but it doesn't mean she is a slut just way too young.

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