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Will the Phillies make the playoffs?

I think that they defiantly have the talent to do it, but are riddled by injuries. Madson could return shortly but thats not where we need help. Utley and Polonco are down, along with ruiz. Ruiz should be returning shortly but we need him now. There are 4 starters out right now, Happ, Utley, Polonco, and Ruiz. Also Durbin, Madson, and Bastardo from the pen! They can take this division, but the Braves and Mets could surge ahead while the Phillies are banged up like this. Also do you think the Phillies should acquire an infielder to fill the gap while Polonco and Utley are out. I think they should, there are plenty of guys available.

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    Happ and Madson will be back soon, and if we can get Polanco and Ruiz back in a few weeks (as opposed to a few months), I'll be somewhat satisfied. Utley looks like he's going to be out for a while, unfortunately. He's no Chase Utley, but I think Valdez can get the job done. Right now, we need the rest of the lineup to really step up.

    Will they survive? Yeah, I think so. Honestly, I'm more worried about the pitching (especially the bullpen) than the injuries to position players.

    edit: Ah I forgot to answer your question. I am still VERY confident that this team will make the playoffs. The Braves won't stay hot forever, and the Mets have already cooled off. Now it's just a matter of getting a few key guys healthy and everyone else in the lineup stepping up. It would probably be a good idea to get someone for the bullpen before the trade deadline, too. So yes, I have a good feeling that the Phillies will make the playoffs.

    Oh, and Jake? They're 3 games back. This division is far from decided.

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    If Sardina can keep hitting, but really no there is no way they'll make the playoffs. With the Braves and Mets both in that division, it'll be a 2-team race, and you wont be one of the 2.

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    ya... r u kidding ijf they dont win their division they will win the wildcard

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