Is drinking crystal light the same as drinking water?

I love drinking crystal light of all flavors because to me water tastes like crap. Its 0 calories and pretty much 0 in everything includeing sugar. The only downside i see is the citric acid. But i went from drinking no water EVER to drinking about a gallon of crystal light a day.

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    It has chemical additives, some of which have a questionable effect on health. But the idea that the acid is going to acidify your body is ridiculous! Your stomach is extremely acidic already. Some of the sweeteners are bad for you in large quantities.

    I go through that one of those packs a day, but I dilute it double...into 32oz. instead of 16 oz. That way I lower my exposure and use just enough to remove the horrible taste of water!

    Source(s): You should try 4C Wild Berry/Pomegranate...a lot better than Crystal Light! It uses Sucralose.
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    No it's not the same at all. Fake sugar is horrible for your health. The citric acid is horrible for your health too. People today consume way too much acid. That acid doesn't just go away, we digest it and it absorbs into our blood. At that point, the only thing that keeps our blood from becoming very acidic and killing us is our buffer systems. By consuming excessive acid, we burn through most of those buffers to the very last system, which is calcium.

    Drinking too much calcium robs our bodies of it. And that's bad.

    Seriously, just drink water. It doesn't taste like crap, you've been conditioned to feel that way by a lifetime of drinking things you shouldn't be. If you just start drinking water, you'll learn to like it.

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    help me help you. Is it made w/ synthetic sweetener? if so then that's almost as stable yet no longer particularly. it is going to nevertheless bind particularly some the water like sugar does. yet very a lot extra useful than soda or fruit juices. you ought to nevertheless drink water directly. put in a shot glass and carry your breath. Take the shot to the top and carry on. the sensation will final in basic terms a minute. calm down and repeat. the sensation is the re-hydration of your physique, it is going to pass. savor

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    Drinking Crystal Light is much better than drinking nothing at all. However, it is sweetened with Aspartame, I believe. Aspartame is not good for you at all. So I'd limit it some if I were you.

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    yea, it's basically just flavored water.

    i love crystal light!! :]

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    its not like drinking water, youre drinking aspartame. enjoy your cancer.

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