catholic bible studies?

Can anyone recommend a good Catholic bible study for me, preferably online (so I don't have to look for it in a bookstore, the stores around here are pretty small)?

I'm 17, so if there's one that's suited for my age that'd be great

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    I personally recommend this one. These books are easy to understand and simple to read. All scriptural references are given with quotes.

    If you google "free catholic bible study online" you will come up with many more.

  • The Bible would be a dead give-away. At least the bible is open to interpretation, any bible study books have already done the interpretations already.

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    I just mention that Fireball proposed Protestant biblical fundamentalist opportunities for you, "me me me" some that are of Jehovah's Witnesses and "godless" some malicious and false anti-religion propaganda. So be careful and don't listen to them.

    I can propose some, that is Catholic, look at it, and you will see.

    This is its link:

    You can find a funny ads of it here, too:

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    1 decade ago

    Ted Haggard published an interesting manual explaining how to use male hookers and meth crystals to better grasp the Gospel dear. It's available on his web site.

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    1 decade ago

    THE BOOK OF COMMON is beautiful

    also see and be sure to read this one


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    1 decade ago

    Well...this is not Catholic but has all the main stories of the whole bible

    My Book of Bible Stories

    STORY 001—God Begins to Make Things MP3

    STORY 002—A Beautiful Garden MP3

    STORY 003—The First Man and Woman MP3

    STORY 004—Why They Lost Their Home MP3

    STORY 005—A Hard Life Begins MP3

    STORY 006—A Good Son, and a Bad One MP3

    STORY 007—A Brave Man MP3

    STORY 008—Giants in the Earth MP3

    STORY 009—Noah Builds an Ark MP3

    STORY 010—The Great Flood MP3

    STORY 011—The First Rainbow MP3

    STORY 012—Men Build a Big Tower MP3

    STORY 013—Abraham—A Friend of God MP3

    STORY 014—God Tests Abraham’s Faith MP3

    STORY 015—Lot’s Wife Looked Back MP3

    STORY 016—Isaac Gets a Good Wife MP3

    STORY 017—Twins Who Were Different MP3

    STORY 018—Jacob Goes to Haran MP3

    STORY 019—Jacob Has a Big Family MP3

    STORY 020—Dinah Gets into Trouble MP3

    STORY 021—Joseph’s Brothers Hate Him MP3

    STORY 022—Joseph Is Put into Prison MP3

    STORY 023—Pharaoh’s Dreams MP3

    STORY 024—Joseph Tests His Brothers MP3

    STORY 025—The Family Moves to Egypt MP3

    STORY 026—Job Is Faithful to God MP3

    STORY 027—A Bad King Rules Egypt MP3

    STORY 028—How Baby Moses Was Saved MP3

    STORY 029—Why Moses Ran Away MP3

    STORY 030—The Burning Bush MP3

    STORY 031—Moses and Aaron See Pharaoh MP3

    STORY 032—The 10 Plagues MP3

    STORY 033—Crossing the Red Sea MP3

    STORY 034—A New Kind of Food MP3

    STORY 035—Jehovah Gives His Laws MP3

    STORY 036—The Golden Calf MP3

    STORY 037—A Tent for Worship MP3

    STORY 038—The 12 Spies MP3

    STORY 039—Aaron’s Rod Grows Flowers MP3

    STORY 040—Moses Strikes the Rock MP3

    STORY 041—The Copper Serpent MP3

    STORY 042—A Donkey Talks MP3

    STORY 043—Joshua Becomes Leader MP3

    STORY 044—Rahab Hides the Spies MP3

    STORY 045—Crossing the Jordan River MP3

    STORY 046—The Walls of Jericho MP3

    STORY 047—A Thief in Israel MP3

    STORY 048—The Wise Gibeonites MP3

    STORY 049—The Sun Stands Still MP3

    STORY 050—Two Brave Women MP3

    STORY 051—Ruth and Naomi MP3

    STORY 052—Gideon and His 300 Men MP3

    STORY 053—Jephthah’s Promise MP3

    STORY 054—The Strongest Man MP3

    STORY 055—A Little Boy Serves God MP3

    STORY 056—Saul—Israel’s First King MP3

    STORY 057—God Chooses David MP3

    STORY 058—David and Goliath MP3

    STORY 059—Why David Must Run Away MP3

    STORY 060—Abigail and David MP3

    STORY 061—David Is Made King MP3

    STORY 062—Trouble in David’s House MP3

    STORY 063—Wise King Solomon MP3

    STORY 064—Solomon Builds the Temple MP3

    STORY 065—The Kingdom Is Divided MP3

    STORY 066—Jezebel—A Wicked Queen MP3

    STORY 067—Jehoshaphat Trusts Jehovah MP3

    STORY 068—Two Boys Who Live Again MP3

    STORY 069—A Girl Helps a Mighty Man MP3

    STORY 070—Jonah and the Big Fish MP3

    STORY 071—God Promises a Paradise MP3

    STORY 072—God Helps King Hezekiah MP3

    STORY 073—Israel’s Last Good King MP3

    STORY 074—A Man Who Is Not Afraid MP3

    STORY 075—Four Boys in Babylon MP3

    STORY 076—Jerusalem Is Destroyed MP3

    STORY 077—They Would Not Bow Down MP3

    STORY 078—Handwriting on the Wall MP3

    STORY 079—Daniel in the Lions’ Pit MP3

    STORY 080—God’s People Leave Babylon MP3

    STORY 081—Trusting in God’s Help MP3

    STORY 082—Mordecai and Esther MP3

    STORY 083—The Walls of Jerusalem MP3

    STORY 084—An Angel Visits Mary MP3

    STORY 085—Jesus Born in a Stable MP3

    STORY 086—Men Guided by a Star MP3

    STORY 087—Young Jesus in the Temple MP3

    STORY 088—John Baptizes Jesus MP3

    STORY 089—Jesus Cleans Out the Temple MP3

    STORY 090—With the Woman at the Well MP3

    STORY 091—Jesus Teaches on a Mountain MP3

    STORY 092—Jesus Raises the Dead MP3

    STORY 093—Jesus Feeds Many People MP3

    STORY 094—He Loves Little Children MP3

    STORY 095—The Way Jesus Teaches MP3

    STORY 096—Jesus Heals the Sick MP3

    STORY 097—Jesus Comes as King MP3

    STORY 098—On the Mount of Olives MP3

    STORY 099—In an Upstairs Room MP3

    STORY 100—Jesus in the Garden MP3

    STORY 101—Jesus Is Killed MP3

    STORY 102—Jesus Is Alive MP3

    STORY 103—Into a Locked Room MP3

    STORY 104—Jesus Returns to Heaven MP3

    STORY 105—Waiting in Jerusalem MP3

    STORY 106—Set Free from Prison MP3

    STORY 107—Stephen Is Stoned MP3

    STORY 108—On the Road to Damascus MP3

    STORY 109—Peter Visits Cornelius MP3

    STORY 110—Timothy—Paul’s New Helper MP3

    STORY 111—A Boy Who Fell Asleep MP3

    STORY 112—Shipwrecked on an Island MP3

    STORY 113—Paul in Rome MP3

    STORY 114—The End of All Badness MP3

    STORY 115—A New Paradise on Earth MP3

    STORY 116—How We Can Live Forever MP3

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