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Ladies help Cervical Cancer, my sister said i need Hystercotomy? This really upsets me?

My sister 30, had cin 3 about 5 years ago, had it maybe a year. Then went in to have a baby girl sice then her smears normal . I on other hand at 23, went to have a smear it abnormal. I told my mun and sister, my sister said that aint nothing and made me feel like ****.

Yet 4 years on i suffer for abnormal cell had lletz treatment, found out it aint worked and need more teatment.

My sister said dr di hystercotomy after to lletz teatment, and years ago dr did hystercotomys on women with cin1 they gave no treatment. I went in to severve depression thought i would never have child. Sleept with me to get pregnant,cos of my sister advice.

After my lletz i was in all clear, then it came back. I told my dr i had fear i couldnt have kids, he said no please be careful. I told him ashamed and honest i sleeped with so many men to get pregnant. He said you probably got hpv now your cin is back, he said you poor girl. Your sister feed you with insensitive information. Now am infected with hpv and am faceing years of anxiousy.

My sister told me she had 2 lletz treatments, then it changes saying she had 1. She told me during her birth, it would be so complicated a dr would have to be there. Yet i ask her boyfriend, was a dr present he said no just a midwife

She even spoke to national news paper about abnormal smear she had while pregnant. Like oh poor me, when she on all clear. Yet me had greatest battel, please help any advice??

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    Is your sister a qualified doctor? If she isn't, take no notice of her.

    Go to another doctor.

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    You have asked this before. You don’t have cancer and your question has nothing to do with cancer. It has to do with your emotional problems and a poor relationship with your sister. No doctor is going to tell you your HPV is back because you slept around it’s a virus and once you have it you always have it. The answer to your question remains the same – stop listening to your sister and feeling sorry for yourself. And while you’re at it consider what kind of a mother you would be and consider getting married before having children. Getting pregnant by anyone is not the answer.

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    ok that was pretty jumbled and confusing but lets see if I can make some sense of it, Don't listen to your sister listen to your doctor, HPV does not mean you have cancer nor does it mean you have to have a hystercotomy, nor does it mean you can not have children.

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