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My hair is super thick...!!?

my hair is really thick & really curly. it is crazy how unmanageable it is.

i try to straighten it & that fails... my hair is hard to straighten by myself. & it takes FOREVER & a day.

so i was wondering if i should get my hair straightened & thinned out professionally. like cut with a razor & whatnot. i would straighten it everyday... cuz honestly, i hate curly hair (especially mine) with a burning passion! so dont try to convince me that its beautiful & most girls would kill for my hair, ect ect... i just dont care.

and i also wanna get an edgy haircut cuz it goes with my style but my hair really throws me off... i wanna get like a subtle scene look. but not too big.

DO NOT say that i'll get made fun of or nobody likes people with scene hair, blahblahblah... cuz i go to an art school in NYC & its mostly made up of my group of people (emo).

so anyway should i get it straightened & thinned out? will it be easier to straighten by myself? will it change my curls or whatever?


btw, that is me in my icon... i have straightened side bangs; the rest is curly. -___-

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    You should get it professionaly straightened so it stays that way!

    It usually looks really cutee.

    Oh, and If ou're going for that scene look, which I personally love for some reason, what I did, was cut it a bit shorter, and then put in tons, and tons of layers. I love layers though so.

    But you should cut it short, and add in layers.

    Art school? Sweettt.

    Lets trade. :D


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    As i've read everyone tries to fight their natural hair (including me) well yeah if you're really tired of thick hair get it thinned professionally. There is no way that I know of that will keep your hair straight without ruining it...Good luck :D

    Anyone who is great with fashion and internet surfing skills:


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    Find a "emo" hairstyle you like on google images and take it to a salon and tell them to thin it out as much as they can. That should help ALOT:)

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    get it chemically straightened.

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