How to find my home network?

My computer has not been able to use the internet for a few days. It cannot find my home network, it isnt even on the wireless connections list. It isnt hardware, because I can connect to a random "Un-secured Wireless Network" just fine and surf the web. Luckily, the first thing I did on using this method was google "Un-secured Wireless Network" and seeing the risks involved I disconnected.

Anyway, on a windows XP, how do I find my family's home network manually? Im using my dads PC atm, and theres NO WAY he'd let me fiddle with settings etc, so hopefully just on my PC please.

Thanks :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sounds like a problem with your wireless router...

    reboot it or reinstall

    and btw

    "unsecured wireless network" only means a wireless network without a password...

    it could very well be YOUR network, if you never named it

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    1 decade ago

    You'll need to find out if he has 'hidden' the SSID broadcast, which would not show up on your "Available networks" utility.

    You'll need to manually enter that hidden network if that's the case.

    Unfortunately many home networks use "out of the box" config's, 'cause people are happy just to get it working, never mind the security end of this complex aspect.

    Ask him what up.

    For your computer, these things should be done:

    Computer settings (XP):

    If you're using Windows to configure your WiFi, go to Control Panel> Wireless Network Connections> Wireless Networks tab; here you'll need to identify all WiFi networks your system 'sees', and "Add" your 'hidden' dad network, which will NOT show unless you do; then for your own (or preferred) network, highlight it, then 'move up' to the top of the list: then, go to 'Advanced' button, tick 'access points only' and uncheck 'Automatically connect to non-preferred networks'>close> OK

    He should really go through the router & bolster the security, in case he's left it as a 'hotspot'.

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