Dogs new unusual pee squat--is he in pain?

I have a 7yr old male weimeraner (intact). He has mostly pee'd hiking his leg & occasionally squatting. The past month he has started a wierd squat. He still hikes some but also he will squat so low to the ground his chest touches & his manhood also almost touches he's so super low & his pee just trickles out, he may stay squatted for up to 4 minutes! He doesn't whine & otherwise acts normal. Is this just age or is he in pain or what?? Any advice is appreciated. Any at home remedies?? Can I give him cranberry juice?? Thanks for your time


Thanks for so many quick responses, we have made and appt for him. I did not think he was in pain because he never acted in distress. He's always been an odd guy <3

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    I am assuming he has a huge (Or MANY HUGE) kidney stones which will cause extreme pain on urination and othewise. They will also stop or slow the flow of urine, there is only ONE WAY To fix this dog and that is to get him to the vet IMMEADIATELY for X-RAYS!

    There is a slight chance of being something to do with enlarged prostrate issues but regardless, this dog is posturing great pain and to stand around and watch this happen for a month is wrong on too many levels. IF you can NOT afford vet care, the dog should be turned over to a shelter so someone will take care of his health or humanely put him down.

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  • sorce
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    4 years ago

    Most individuals do understand that. However, neutered men do this as good, and regularly individuals have a difficult time discerning among the pee squat and the poop squat. People might be providing you with the stink eye for the reason that of WHERE your puppy is settling on to move alternatively than what method it's going. Some individuals do not believe it's right for a puppy to do whatever in public as dull as that can be, and others simply believe that it's unsanitary. If you are on any person's garden, that might be yet another rationale. I have 3 boys which might be all neutered, they usually all squat to pee now, every so often climbing on a tree or bush. Many individuals mistake my boys for ladies in the event that they see them pee earlier than they understand for certain what gender they're.

  • Julie
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    Is possible he is having hip problems or pain, but most likely its a prostrate problem, especially if he has never been neutered, or it could be a Urinary track infection. In any case a trip to the vet is definitely in order.

  • Take your dog to the vet; it could be his joints, it could be a UTI. You won't be able to get him the proper treatment unless your vet sees him.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    he might have pain in hips or legs, get him to a vet

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with everyone else but no one said NO DON'T GIVE HIM CRANBERRY JUICE!

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