Places to go out for 18th birthday?

I'm turning 18 && I don't want a party...I want to go out && have a good time with my friends...but I don't know where....So can you tell me what &&/or where I can go......btw I live in Miami.....

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    1 decade ago
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    amusement park

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    LIV Nightclub

    its on the beach, the drinks are great and its very trendy

    For a girl - you will not really need Fake Id as long as you are dressed to imprese - the plcae is packed with famous people so dress up and youll be fine. Call ahead and reserve a table for your "22nd birthday party just to be sure" I think some nights are 18+ anyway.

  • Kelli
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    1 decade ago

    - go to the beach

    (bbq, tan, hang in the water, bring a cooler of drinks,

    invite lots of people, stay late to watch sun set)

    - go to your favorite diner/resteraunt

    (preferably with someone 21+ to get you a drink,

    if you want to have a drink, that is. :P)

    - dinner and movies

    (go to a quick diner or something, then catch a movie

    afterward with everyone, something you wanna see)

    - six flags/busch gardens/sea world/etc.

    (expensive, but always worth the money. everyone has

    a great time including the birthday girl/boy.)

    - mini golfing, then out!

    (mini golfing - "kiddish" although everyone of all ages

    seems to enjoy it. then you can go out to your favorite

    "pub" or diner or whatever. mini golfing is fun, all ages!)

    i know you dont want a party at home, but why not? it

    can be reallly can go swimming (if you have a

    pool that is), have sprinklers or something, play some

    beer pong (if youre into that..), have a nice bonfire. etc.

    anyway..i hope i helped you!

    happy birthday:)

    Source(s): ive been to all the above and had a blast!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go and hit a nightclub with your friend, it will be a very fun night for you.

    Hopefully you have a good 18th birthday!

    All the best wishes!

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  • Malek
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    1 decade ago

    I'd do something that you couldn't previously do when you were younger than 18. Can't think of anything off the top of my head except for porn which is legal to look at by the age of 18 in most states.

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