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Sims 2 and 3 don't read on comp?

My Sims 2 and 3 discs will not read on my disc drive. They worked fine yesterday but they were un-installed by my malicious sibling. This marks the second time and now they won't even read. I put them in the disc drive and nothing happens. The computer makes a little noise and then returns to normal. What do I do? I know my drive is proper because the games worked fine for weeks.


I checked and it does not show up.

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    Check to make sure the discs weren't dirtied, scratched or cracked. Other then that you could get a disc cleaner for your drive, even dust could get in it and you wouldn't know.

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    Did you check the drive in windows? Sometimes the autoplay doesn't pick up the disk right away. Go to My Computer and see if the disk shows up in the drive. If not, then the drive is at fault or your disk is dirty.

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    maybe your sibling scratched the cds too, you could always just buy disc cleaner

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    look for it on your harddrive and backit up and make sure that uninstallation is not used by your malicios sibling

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