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am I a fool for waiting for her? need to know what to do with my life right now im confused?

ex and I were together for 2 years and then we broke up 2 years ago...we started talking again recently and she told me she is strictly talking to me as a friend just yesterday because she doesn't feel the same she did 2 years ago which i said I understand its been a couple years apart obviously your not going to feel the same

I told her I'm gonna wait for her and always be here because I know I love her were in our mid 20's and I want to marry her...I've dated 9 girls since her and every time I looked into the other girls eyes...I would see my ex and I knew deep down I was IN love with her still and always would be

My ex saw me recently and we kissed alot and almost had sex but we both stopped...she said it happened she didn't know why it just happened...and also she had planned a date to come sleep over at my place with me so we could cuddle and spend some time together...and we've went on dinner dates and stuff recently and she has told me she still loved me and cares for me a lot...

am I a fool for waiting for her? should I move on? does it seem she has any interest in me? she might just be scared because I hurt her 2 years ago by leaving her because I wasn't the right person then we needed time apart to grow and find ourselves...I found my way back to her and my heart is hers I know this now

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    if you love her you should wait for her

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