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If my vanity is going to be a maple color, what color wood floors would look good with it?should it contrast?

We found linoleum that looks just like wood planks!! I love the warm charactor or wood looking floors, even in a small bathroom. But I don't know if I should go lighter, darker or same hue as the vanity? The vanity I'm

looking at looks

like a maple, in between cherry and oak looking. Thanks for any advice, tips or sites with inspirations!!

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    I would go dark on the floors to highlight the vanity

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    First you would talk to the people that you bought the tile from. Cherry wood is excellent as it's deep and rich in color. However, in a bathroom , it could be troublesome. If it's to be a room that only guest would use, it might be right to coat it with a finish (wax). Applying a finish creates it's luster.There is a safety hazards that might occur to a waxed bathroom floor. You would want plenty of mats in the bathroom.Otherwise for a family and quite bit of traffic don't apply any finish.But your the best judge. Just do what you feel

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    Go with a darker or cherry colored flooring. It will contrast really well with the vanity.

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