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was his apology sincere or should i steer clear ?

what shall i do please advise. i work with a guy who i adore. hes had a lot of personal trauma and he only started the job last year and ive basically got him up to speed and hes doing really well now. i constantly support and help him but hes said a few funny things like a few months ago we were having a general discussion and he mentioned he could never see me as a girlfriend as i would smother him ! he mistook me helping him . he knew he'd offended me and apologised. now this week he said i was too opinionated. i was really hurt this time and let him know it in a phonecall last night. this was followed bya great big long sorry email from him saying how much he values me etc but the thing is my best friend is upset and says hes a jerk. she says he could be genuine but to be wary. now thats going to make me feel uncomfortable working with him. i dod truly regard him as a friend and maybe stupid but still really like him. is he sincere or what. i dont want to be wary but now im worried please help

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    I'd listen to your friend. Maybe she knows things about him that you don't~something to keep in mind. Be open to a mild friendship with him, but be cautious too. He already called you out for being opinionated and smothering. That's what he really thinks. (Sorry if that sounds blunt.) I'm surprised he has the nerve to call you opinionated right after he called you smothering..and after the apology too. That's the thing I'd look out for. You'll know if he's sincere if he's more careful about what he says to you. He was a little blunt when he called you those things and assumed you wanted to be his girlfriend just because you were sweet & helpful. That was kind of rude.

    I would accept the apology, continue to be yourself, and see if anything changes. If it was sincere, you'll know by his behavior toward you.

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    HE WAS SINCERE HE ACTUALLY took time to write a long sorry email just give another chance

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    I hate to declare it, yet your buddy is in all probability precise. because you artwork with him, guidance clean does not somewhat seem loads of an option so i might desire to declare: tread with warning.

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