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What is the correct/orginal way of spelling Abdel Samad from Arabic to English?

Direct letter to letter word by word translation. The arabic and english form. Thank you! I heard it's really Abdul Samad Abdussamad etc. WHich is the CORRECT way

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    It isn't so cut and dried, as people do transliterate in different ways and there is no real right or wrong way. For example, I am sure that you have seen the name Muhammad written as Mohammed, Mohamed, or Muhamed.

    You ask for a direct transliteration letter by letter and that would be: 'Abd al-Samad, or 'Abd as-Samad. The 'l' at the end of Abdul is the definite article, 'the', but since the second name starts with an 's' you get elision - the 's' is a sun letter and so the 'l' disappears. It's really a question of taste whether you acknowledge this.

    There is nothing wrong with Abdussamad. Of course this doesn't identify the first letter, the 'ayn, and it just looks like an 'a', so people would romanize it as 3Abdussamad, or 3Abd as-Samad.

    To be clearest, I would avoid using the number 3 as many people wouldn't understand it and I would probably write it as 'Abd al-Samad. I believe this to be the most correct and universally understood.

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    Well, the perfect way to write it is Abdus Samad.

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    Abdussamad. You';re right

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