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new cross dresser ...?

I really love wearing tights. I want to but them in the mall. What do you think the Sales girls will say when I buy them. Will they be ok with it?

Do u they think I will am weird?

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    Just be confident and buy them - the cashiers don't care about what you buy, it's just all in your head.

    If it's what you enjoy to do, then even if they were to care (which they don't), you should just get happy enough with yourself to go for it anyway. :) Have fun

  • Cashiers and people running shops don't care what you buy so long as you pay for it. They've seen it all before.

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    They wouldn't know its for you, technicaly you could always be buying them for someone else. Even if they do, who cares, your never going to see them again

  • Draya
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    they wont know they are for you. you could be buying them for your mom, sister, girlfriend, gag gift. They are only there to take your $$, they are not there to judge you.

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    Dude tell them its for you. They will love you

  • 1 decade ago

    You're a freak. Don't buy women clothing.

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