Should I break up with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been together for around 2 1/2 years. He recently joined the military and I have had feelings that I wanted to break up with him before then, but didn't want to do anything because he was leaving for basic training and felt like it would be harsh. Well, now that he's there, I still feel like being on my own and don't know what to do. He wants to move in together and have a life together but I want to be independent and focus on building a career. Thanks for your advice.

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    It really depends whether or not you still have feelings for him. If so, it's possible to live a career-focus life with him in it. However it you have thought it through

    that you have no more feelings for him or that you think your career is alooooot more important than your boyfriend/that he may block your career from being sucessful, maybe you can have a 'silent' period or if you really feel necessary break up.

    But if you decide so, make sure you say it in the nicest way and saying you still hope to be friends. Good Luck just try and make decisions you feel you wont regret. Good Luck

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    If you are even questioning about breaking up with him then you probably should. I understand about how you want to be independent and stuff. Building your career is a very important thing in life! Just ask I see myself marring this man later in life? Do I want to be with him forever? I know your not marring him yet, but dating goes into getting married, then having a family and so on. Make sure that you can support yourself without him just in case something happens. If its not going to work out now it probably won't later, but there is a possibility of it working out later. I hope I helped solve your problem.

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    Thats almost exactly how my current situation is except the other way around and my boyfriend thought the same way as you and left me its hard but were best friends and were making the best of it its a lot harder on me than him but he tells me that he kinda of regrets it but doesnt want to go back because that would be even harder on us if something were to break us up again, i think you should really think about it because you have something with him that people spend their whole like wanting and looking for a good man to stay with you for always and maybe youll find that again but maybe you wont and you cant always go back.

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    i believe that you should tell him how you feel. If you were thinking of breaking up with him BEFORE he went to the military, there is no reason for you to stay with him now that hes IN the military. My dad always tell me to focus on bettering myself and my education, guys can always come later. That applies to you as well, dont let a guy hold yoou back from striving for and reaching your goals.

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    tell him you're not ready for a life together and also tell him u want to be independent and that u want to focus on building a career. just be honest with him instead of lying to him to make him happy then feel miserable yourself

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    If you just read your own question, I think it'll be clear that YOU are not committed to this, and HE doesn't need an uncommitted gal "back home".

    You need to come clean with him and let him go, so that he doesn't have any wrong ideas about the two of you.

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    Wow, seriously?

    Your hurting him by making him think that you want to have a life with him. He is wanting to be with you, as you lie to him. Your really low to have stayed with him just because you didn't want to hurt him because he was leaving. Let me ask you this, if you loved someone, and you thoought they loved you back, woulld you want them to be lieing and staying with you just to not hurt you.? Stop beig immature and do what is right for him and you,

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