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Has anyone's internet shutdown from the website

It is asking me to download a virus scanner for 49.99 just because I visited this website, why is my internet not working? before I was watching free movies on it and now it is asking me to download virus scanner..has anyone been through this? what do I do?

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    Sounds like you have some spyware on your machine. To solve the internet issue try this: If you have Internet Explorer, open it and go to the Tools menu -> choose Internet Options -> click on the Connections tab -> click on the LAN Settings button -> if there is a check mark next to "Use a proxy server for you LAN" then uncheck this. Some forms of spyware will change this setting, and will make your internet not work.

    If this fixes your internet issue, you'll then want to get a anti-spyware tool to scan your computer and clean up any infections that may have come from that website. My suggestion is Malwarebytes. You can download the free version from Download and install this, do an update as soon as you open it, and run a full scan of your computer. This software will find any spyware, malware, and other nasty software and remove them completely from your computer.

    Hopefully this helps!

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    I have the same problem :( I think it's gone... Hopefully, temporarily

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