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Gemini Boy and Leo Girl? And does he like me?

I just wanna know if were compatible?

I dont know if he likes me though, he wrote 'i love you' on a crowded page in one of my notebooks. But im still not sure.

& he annoys other girls all the time and then looks at me to see if im looking at him. And sometimes i feel him staring at me and then i just look away. Or he walks by and looks at me very deeply or something lol. Were just good friends right now though.

How do i flirt with him?

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    youre compatible this relationship will have lots of laughter and theres definitely attraction. imma gem and im always attracted to leos

    and he totally likes you, perhaps loves you. obviously he loves you and wanted to tell you somehow probably was too nervous to say it up front(we do have a nervous habit) i do exactly the same thing when i like someone. just make sure to keep flirting were fueled off that XD. if yall go out dont make it feel like a marriage, always make it feel like a friendship. and dont make him feel jealous that would make him want to give up.

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    Of course you are compatible!! Now if you were a virgo or Capricorn then you may as well forget him. When saturn goes past neptune, and there is a full moon you need to sing a love song to him in front of all his friends. How can anybody resist?

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    wow, you must be really young like in middle school or high school.

    well, just flirt and thats it.

    go with the flow.

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