What is wrong with me?


Well, im a 15 year old boy (16 in december)

And im not sure if im normall :/

Well, some times im low on confidence i often mumble... But when i get angry im completely diffrent... I go insane, swearing hitting things and so on, i got excluded from school a few times. I also broke my nuckle twise hitting things in rage.

When im not angry i am REALLY quiet, im low on confidence. I have plenty of friends and i often get asked to go out out with them, but i allways much prefer to stay indoors... I have had girl friends and actually spoke to them (unlike some people) I have also done things with them (go me) Im very funny once you get to know me, but when you hardly know me im completly diffrent.

Also, when im bored i often zone out... its weird like i get lost in thought ALL the time and have no clue whats going on around me when i do this.... :S my teachers allways think im asleep, people allways used to think i was stoned or some thing :P (I was not) And i allways get enough sleep (8-10 Hours a night) Im easily effected, like very emotional and i have an over active imagination (Allways thinking of random **** and making things like cartoons for youtube and storys and songs and all that stuff)

Most of all, my tempter concerns me tho. I completly loose it and i seem to loose all rational thinking... :/

what do you thinks wrong with me D:

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    You neeed help.

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    Your not the only one that feels like this. Part of the reason you have low confidence is because your a teen, and many teens feel insecure. Honestly i can relate alot to you. Im a 16 year old girl and i have alot of the same emotions, im over emotional and sensitive too, but its not a bad thing. However, if your temper hurts yourself and other people, i think that you should talk to someone. a parent, a friend, a sibling, there are many people willing to listen. Maybe you have anxiety, which triggers the fight or flight response (fight in your case,) and your fear or anger causes you to do things without thinking. But you are only 15, and part of growing up is learning how to control oneself. But, if it is so uncrontolable, definatly talk to someone and they can help

  • 1 decade ago

    I really don't think you should worry, nothings wrong with you. I think maybe you need to try and control your anger a bit more though. when you feel your getting angry try and concentrate on your breathing and count for as long as it takes for you to get calm again. i wouldn't recommend anger management classes, its all a bit pointless.

    Everyone gets lost in their thoughts sometimes, its good to have an imagination. and who doesn't doubt themselves sometimes? It's natural to feel uncomfortable around people you don't know very well.

    Dont worry about it or you'll start becoming paranoid.

    If your still not happy then i guess you should see a doctor, hope this helps =]

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