Is my pain from my gallbladder or something else?

I have had a history of gallbladder attacks in the past few years. I've never actually had any gallstones, but my gallbladder was always enlarged and inflamed. During the past, it only happened when I was pregnant with my children. Here recently in the past month I have had several of the same attacks as I experienced before & they are becoming more frequent. I went to my local ER last night in such pain I couldn't hardly move. The pain was & always has been located on my right side below my ribs, around to my back, & also the middle of my stomach. They took blood & urine, & the Dr there came in & said there was nothing wrong & would be sending me home. I requested an ultrasound or any other test to check my gallbladder & she said she would not order a test that wasn't needed. Needless to say, she walked out of the room & I ended up getting discharged, while I never even got any medication for the pain during my 4 1/2 hour visit. My discharge papers say "You have been diagnosed with abdominal/belly/back pain and the cause of your pain is unknown at this time. Many things can cause this sort of pain such as viral infections, bowel, gallbladder, liver, or kidney problems. You may need another examination and more tests to find the cause of your pain. If your pain continues or gets worse, please return to the ER"


My primary physician has closed office this past month and moved to another state, so I am currently waiting to be seen as a new patient at another office but can't get in until middle of August.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why are you not dealing with your physician? He/she would order the proper tests...

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