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Do I need to wear a bra?

Okay, I am going to 7th grade in September. I have breast buds and they hurt when ever I touch them or if they get hit on accident. You can see them through my shirts! All of the shirts! I measured my chest and it is a size 30. I hate under wire bras. What kind are there with out the wire? I am not sure if I should wear a bra. I have to change in the p.e changing room. Do I need to wear a bra? I am very skinny, I am only 68 lbs! No joke! I am 4ft and 9 1/2 in!



i tried wearing a training bra, but my breasts would still show. Is a soft cup bra ok, or a padded bra?

Update 2:

i am skinny but i am going through puberty. i have hair ( on my head and other places), i shave under my arms.

Update 3:

I gained more weight i used to way 56 in the summer and now im 68. the doc said that for my heigt i am not under weight but for my age yeah.

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    Yes do!!

    When I was younger, I made the mistake of not wearing a bra..(I was a late developer..) Because I didn't wear a bra when I was younger, my boobs are far apart, small and droopy..

    Please don't make the same mistake as me and wear a bra!

  • You may need a bra, but don't get an underwired for a good few years. They can damage the breast tissue if you're not developed.

    68 lbs is too skinny. You really need to put on weight or it'll delay puberty (and periods)

    There are lots of bras without wires. M&S do an Angel range specifically for young girls. Go and get measured, otherwise the wrong size will seem wrong.

  • I'd say, if you have to change in P.E., DEFINITELY wear a bra. Why don't you like underwire bras? It's not like you feel the wire or long as it fits you properly. You could get a lightly padded one, just not like a push up or anything like that cause if you just have buds, it will make you look fake, trust me. At most places you can find wireless bras if that's what you'd prefer. Good luck and God bless!

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    I would start wearing one just for support and modesty, I know the locker room can be hard. There are alot of different types of bras out there that have no wire. Go to a store like Macy's with your mom and have them measure you and then ask about the most comfortable/wireless bras they have. Best wishes!

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    If you're uncomfortable then yes you should wear a bra. Since you're so small and your breasts are small I would suggest going to a preteen store to buy your bras. Target has bras for young girls in it's girls section or maybe you could try a store like Justice? When I was your age I bought bras at Limited Too but I don't think that's around anymore... I think Justice bought it.

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    I wore a bra as soon as I got buds, so I'd go shopping with your mum to get the right size. Get fitted if you can. Under wire is uncomfortable to start with but I'd get some to get used to it, or get a material bra. You can usually find them in the 'my first bra' section of the shop :)

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    wow... i am pretty sure u didnt go through puberty yet... cuz ur weight will go up wen u do.

    So try wearing some kind of tank top underneath ur shirts.

    Also my chest measures 31 inches bbut i have breasts since i went through puberty.

    I used to be uncomfortable but now im used to it. So just wear one (the right size) and over time ull feel better/

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    Try wearing a training bra,or sports bra,Those don't have

    wires.A lot of girls i know wear bras by 7th grade so i doubt you'll be the only one with one on.And there's is nothing wrong with wearing a bra,It just means your growing up:)

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    If one can see through, then i would suggest wearing a bra is a good option. You will b more comfrtable n confident abt urself. And thr is no such age requiremnt in wearing bras. It all varies from person 2 person

  • you really need to wear a bra when you feel that you would be more comfortable with a bra than without one. it sounds like you are pretty uncomfortable without a bra. since you dont like underwire (and sound pretty tiny up top) you dont need to wear an under wire bra. there are lots of bras without underwire.i like kohls bras. they are cheap, but last a while. ive gotten litteraly all of my bras there. you probaly want two bras at least to start with. id get a white, or even better, a nude colored one. and in my opinion, you need a fun bra!!! thats just me tho. heres a link.

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