Which Wrestler Do You Think Took Wrestling To The Top Plus THW Presents Full Circle Special Events 1 (Notice)?

In all honesty only 1 man can be regarded as the wrestling superstar.Hulk Hogan.Without him Sports Entertainment would most likely be non existent,i've heard many people say he is the reason Wrestling is popular.His larger than life persona and massive forearms captured audiences.Without him i think the world of wrestling would be more based around Japenese and Mexican styles of wrestling,but nevertheless Hogan is a pioneer.

Notice to THW members:

As moost of you will have noticed Full Circle is very late.This is due to a mixture of bad timing and personal problems but i'd prefer not to go into any depth.Anyway,FC is scheduled to finally be posted this coming Saturday in all its entirety.But as promised,here are the 4 before FC events that were created.Events 1,3 and 4 were written by Me and Event 2 was written by my THW Annihilation owner BVK.Events 3 and 4 will be posted Friday Night along with Parts 3 and 4 of TOTT and of course FC on Saturday.

Event 1-

THW Presents Full Circle Tale Of The Tape Parts 1 and 2-Parts 3 and 4 to follow

Part 1-


Part 2-


Event 2-

THW Press Conference-


Thats it for Part 1 of FC Special Events but come back Friday night for more plus FC on Saturday!

And of course check out the Official THW website,the link is on my profile.

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    That's because THW is crappy, owned by a crappy owner

  • 1 decade ago

    Name:Jay Savage

    Nickname If You Want One:Jdog

    Ringwear and Other Clothing(I'E Backstage Segments):AJ Styles tights

    Entrance Music (Optional):Im so paid akon ft lil wayne

    Gimmick If You Want One:Heel orton from 2006

    Speciallity Match (Optional):Steel cage

    Speciallity Weapon (Optional):Kindo stick



    Weight Class:heavyweight

    Signature moves:BrainBuster,Superpelx,Lariat Clothesline,Big Boot,High Knee Lift,PIiledriver,Back Stabber,Moonsault,Alabama Slam ,Swinging Neckbreaker.

    Finisher(s):Savages Bomb (gut wrench power bomb) and 450 splash


    Promo:Its my time to shine and i will show when i debut and also i want the thw world title so i will destroy everyone and everything to get to it.......who ever i fight in my debut i will destroy u and every person i fight there on in i will destroy them 1 by 1

  • Sign up for Jay Savage and anyone else wanting to join:


    Nickname If You Want One:

    Ringwear and Other Clothing(I'E Backstage Segments):

    Entrance Music (Optional):

    Gimmick If You Want One:

    Speciallity Match (Optional):

    Speciallity Weapon (Optional):



    Weight Class:

    Signature moves:


    Other Moves (Optional):

    Prefer to be alone or in a Team/Stable?

    The title you go for will depend on your information and how well you perfom,i'e promos and reading the show,Remember Loyalty means Rewards.

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    So you'll only be posting on the THW ningsite from now on?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Waiting for FC, hope and know, its going to do well....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Awesome previews Ryan (read all of them lol) can't wait for it

    Source(s): Yeah, F*ck u Ted
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