Frequency, Distance, and Period?

1. If you dribble a basketball with a frequency of 1.77 Hz, how long does it take for you to complete 12 dribbles?

2. You take your pulse and observe 74 heartbeats in a minute. What are the period and frequency of your heart beat?

Please show all your work. Formulas are helpful! 10 points to best answer.

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    1. The period is equal to 1/f=1/1.77Hz=0.565s

    time for 12 dribbles: period*number of dribbles=0.565s*12dribbles=6.78s

    2. This means 74beats/60seconds=1.23beats/s=1.23Hz=f

    The time it takes for your heart to beat once: 1/f=1/1.23=0.813s

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