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I get sun spots whenever I tan?

How can I prevent it?


Im only 17 and i want to tan..but whenever I do I get white spots on my lower back...i feel so bad

Update 2:

this didnt happend before. I used to be able to tan just fine

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    its very simple :

    your skin is delicate so you will get sunspots and freckles because the sun cooks you

    you have to wear very good sunscreen like spf 50+

    nuerogena is very good for your face

    you can always try tanning lotion too, ask at a drugstore or walmart; they will have it

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    One cost effective and natural way to reduce age spots is to simply keep out of the sun and wear long sleeved shirts. You should always take precautions to protect all of your exposed skin if you know you are going to be in a place where there is likely to be a lot of ultraviolet light.

    Make sure that you always wear sunscreen when you are out during a sunny day. Limiting your intake of alcohol can also discourage a propensity towards developing the unattractive skin discolorations.

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    Because tanning is HORRIBLE for your health... ? Just a thought.

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    You can't, that's how your skin reacts to UV light. Stop tanning, if you want color then spray tan, it's cheaper, safer and will give you even color.

    Source(s): If you feel bad about a couple of white spots now, how are you going to feel bald, wrinkled and dying of cancer at 30?
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