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Baby oil for makeup remover?And the result?

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    baby oil and olive oil are both great most people think putting oil into your skin makes it oily or greacy but it actually doesn't it makes it soft and it's very gentle i don't however suggest using it all over your face mainly for the eye area

    Source(s): estee lauder makeup artist
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    The results is pretty good...yes that is good for removing eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. Put baby oil on your fingers close your eye and rub it over the one eye and then get soap and wash the oil off then use warm water to wash both off and dry...then repeat on other eye...

    Please answer mine who is great with fashion!!!


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    Amazing and the cheapest way to take eye makeup off. I have heard that it helps with the wrinkles around the eyes...meaning it keeps them away!!

    I love it and only use that to take my eye makeup off!!

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