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I need to Know how to play an Altissimo G on the alto sax! Help!?

PLease ! i have checked everywere! u name it and i have done it! i ned to know how many octaves are in an alto sax, and how to play a high Altissimo G! and F and F#! help plz!

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    I'm a saxophone player giving you the REAL DEAL!

    For saxophones, it is possible to play 4 octaves for each note and 5 octaves for C.

    To play altissimo,you need to know how to produce overtones on your saxophone. Part of what creates overtones and altissimo is your ability to change your airstream with your throat.

    Two of the best books for altissimo are:

    -Top Tones for Saxophone-Sigurd Rascher

    -Voicing by Donald Sinta and Denise Dabney

    Here are some alto saxophone fingerings that I use to produce an altissimo G (3rd octave):

    Press octave key

    Left hand:



    Right hand



    Sometimes I'll press the low c key or even the low b flat to make it come out

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