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Will I be able to get a full ride on out of state tuition at a university?

I have a 4.0 and an ACT score of 29. I used to think that my 4.0 would guarantee me some good scholarships but now I am not so sure. I really want to LEAVE UTAH but I'm not sure if it's worth it to have to pay tons more in tuition fees. Honest opinions and tips please?

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    Not likely, you need to get that ACT score a lot higher.

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    If you could bump up to above a 30, it would really help. Utah really isnt all that bad.

    Here are some things you could do,

    1. Apply for lots of scholarships and maybe pay for it that way.

    2. Decide to stay in Utah, its not worth paying double.

    Either way, go to www.utahscholarshipguide.info

    This site has recommended websites that will show you where to get scholarships, with a 4.0 you should do well. It also has sources for increasing your ACT score. Search the site, especially recommended sites, and take the time to sign up and register with the recommended search engines. That may be very valuable to you, if you earn a scholarship through that recommended search engine they will double it. So its a no-brainer if you are applying for scholarships. More details at the link. Good Luck!

    Source(s): www.utahscholarshipguide.info
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    Start applying at different schools you will most likely get a scholarship like notification before you have to make a final decision I live in Indiana and i apply at a school in Michigan they sent me something in march for a scholarship unfortunately it was not as cheap as what it was in Indiana

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    how proficient a flute participant are you? are you able to play piccolo? have you ever marched mutually with your faculties marching band? there are scholarships at many colleges for marching band individuals who could make the shrink with their musical expertise blended with their educational overall performance -- my ex-husband & one in all my stable acquaintances paid for college that way & extra at the instant, my son has 3 acquaintances who're at the instant on important scholarships in distinctive degree paths with the aid of marching band + orchestra band scholarships (all of them had to march, extra suitable scholarships provided in the event that they marched & sat for orchestra) take part in golf equipment? what variety of golf equipment... chess club for an occasion whilst you're very stable (like win previous state point in tournaments) then some faculties have energetic & aggressive chess communities & will provide scholarships to chess gamers who can win & have the educational benefit to win a scholarship winning on debate group? much extra in all probability to be waiting to get a scholarship rigorous training? perhaps on IB software? if so, competed in any of the competitions which includes robotics? ---- that's how my son have been given his finished-experience to college of North Alabama for Optical Engineering.... he gained robotics competitions on the nationwide point & additionally has educational prowess

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