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Who do you contact when a veterinarian does bad surgery?

I just got back from my cat getting spayed. The workers were inattentive, and keep me waiting for hours. When my cat finally came out, I was disgusted. Her incision from the surgery looks poorly done, her eyes are dilated to the size of a dime, and she was jerking around in a very spastic, violent manner. I was told that this was normal due to her being used to the collar around her neck to prevent her from messing with the incision. I asked to speak to surgeon and I was given an attitude and told that she was in surgery, and I asked when I could speak to the surgeon, and I was told "uhm I don't know, we just got like 32 cats for surgery."

Is there an agency that I can contact to report this?

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    First you get what you pay for. Second the spastic jerking is anesthesia, and dilated eyes are from anesthesia all perfectly normal and should return to normal in 24 hours. The incisions never come out looking perfect because every animal closes different. If you are concerned and still feel the need to report - you can check and see if they are AAHA certified, but they probably aren't. The next thing you can do is file a complaint with the Medical Board and see if that helps, but honestly there isn't anything that they will do because its a normal part of recovery. Some anesthesia cannot be reversed and it just has to wear off over time. At the vet clinic we usually call this the "Ketamine Bop" because they bop their heads like listening to invisible music. In some cases cats can have some neurological defects from anesthesia but this is a rare care and nothing can be done to prevent it.

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    What's key is to ask if the cat was given pain killer.

    If they released the cat to you less than 4 hours after surgery, your cat is still under the effects of the anesthetic (huge pupils, spastic moves). She should have either been given a pain killer or been sent home with one (it's usually bupenorphrin, a liquid).

    I can understand that the surgeon was still in surgery, 32 cats--males would take 15 minutes, females would be 20-30 minutes each, the vet was BUSY, likely scrubbed and sterile, and could not come out.

    The cats I've had spayed had large 'frankenstein' stitching--they do not put tight close together stitches on a cat or dog, these have to come out in 7 days unless they're the dissolving ones, and doing them close together on a cat would only have them tear out. Cat skin is very very thin. The stitches UNDER the skin (there's two levels of stitches done on spayes) are tighter, and will dissolve later).

    Outside of the attitude of the people at the front desk, I don't think you have much to actually report on. Most vets keep the spays for half a day to make sure they're out from under anesthetic before sending them home, but if this was a low cost neuter/spay all day-a-thon, they wouldn't do that.

    Watch your cat for seeping along the wound, or huge puffiness, or infection. Especially in the first 2 days. Let her have quiet time, and water, but don't let her pick at the incision. Offer food, but don't expect an appetite for a day or two. She will take 12 hours to be completely clear of the anesthetic. If she has problems walking after 12 hours, THEN contact a vet about this, that's a danger sign.

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    Is this your normal vet? My vet is accredited w/the national animal hospital association. Was it done at the humane society or some sort of low cost shelter? There has to be some sort of higher up for vets even if they have their own office. If it was a private vet, contact he aspca, humane society or go to your local sheriff's office and see if they can tell you. Good luck and I'm sorry about your kitty.

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    take him to a special Veternarian

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