TTC-Running a fever at ovulation?

My husband and I are TTC. I have been tracking my BBT. Yesterday CD13 I had a dip in my temperature which I assumed meant ovulation was going to occur soon. My husband and I had intercourse. I woke up this morning CD14 and my temps were up 98.5 so I assumed I ovulated yesterday. Later in the morning I started feeling sick with a sore throat, chills, stuffy nose, and body aches. I went home at lunch and took my temp and Im running a low grade fever of 99.9. My questions are 1. Did I most likely ovulate or were my temps up from being sick? 2. If I did ovulate and get pregnant, can being sick with a slight fever the day after ovulation effect implantation or the baby? I had a miscarriage in January and do not want that experience again so Im taking all precautions! Thanks for the advice!

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    It won't affect implantation or the baby if you're ill, so don't worry about that. Unfortunately, there's no way to know whether you did ovulate or not since you spiked a fever. If that was right around your normal ovulation time in your cycle, and you did see a dip, then it certainly is likely - but there's no way to say for certain. :( Do you also track your cervical mucus? If you had fertile CM, than that's also a promising sign.

    That sucks, I hope you're feeling better soon!

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