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How long does meth stay in teeth?

I quit smoking meth 4 days ago, but I want to know how long will the meth stay in my teeth?

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    first of all, you shouldnt have been smoking meth in the first place. thats all i have to say

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    Do yourself a favor and report the person who answered and insulted you by acting like she has the right to tell you what you should or shouldn't have done. That breaks the Terms of Service and she will be docked for it. I've been allowed to answer truthfully, and many people like her have had a problem with me for this, and I've won in all appeals, etc.

    As far as your teeth. You really don't have to worry. Meth mainly works in your brain. Like Ecstacy, Cocaine, lsd. It's not the drug that causes teeth decay, etc. It's the deficiency of Vitamins. So get a multivitamin, also it will most likely help ease your mind a bit if you pick up a bottle of 5-htp as well. 50 bucks for the multivitamin to fix the vitamin deficiency as well as promote better health overall. And the 5-htp to help regulate your serotonin levels. Which will be basically pretty inconsistent with normal levels for a little while. As far as I know, meth will only be in your system for about 2 weeks, give or take. It's like any amphetamine really. Honestly though, take it from someone who went through the same thing. You are a better person for getting past this.

    Congratulations big time, we both know partying has it's perks, but when it becomes an addiction, it's not fun anymore. So take it easy, the hardest part is really over. Get that multivitamin and 5-htp, and try to do some things like hiking, or any activity that you enjoy. It'll not only help promote better health, but by eating healthy and exercising, you will fix those levels of dopamine, and serotonin. And once that's good to go, you won't look back.

    Don't listen to people like that other answerer.

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    As long as you keep smoking it. It doesnt go decays your teeth. Stop smoking meth.

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