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Does this mean that I'm depressed?

Things which make me think I might be...

1.) I feel worthless. Like I've had no positive impact on the world in any way,

2.) I feel like there's no point to anything really. I can't envisage any purpose to my existence.

3.) I am frequently tearful and tired and I never used to be.

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    Seek help as soon as possible. Of course you're depressed. Do you need those feelings to have that label?

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    Who cares about the label? You are unhappy, and you obviously want to do something about it. Make an appointment with a therapist. They can help you uncover what's causing these feelings. And if there's nothing, they can refer you to a psychiatrist.

    The best way to get out of a depression is to do positive things for yourself. When you're depressed, sometimes it's difficult to find ANYTHING worth doing, but if you search hard enough you will find the desire to do SOMETHING. Use all of your energy to pursue whatever this thing is. This is a key part of emotional regulation in the DBT handbook. I've included a huge list of pleasant activities straight from the handbook. Find some time to do at least one of these things daily and you will find significant improvement. While you're doing these pleasant activities, don't even let yourself think about things like being worthless, pointless, etc.

    I've also included the pleasant events "diary". Write down each pleasant event you do, that way when you feel like you do nothing for yourself you can look back and see that you do do positive things for yourself. If you want to plan ahead, it can also give you something to look forward to when you pull it out and see you have pleasant things planned for yourself.

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    It sounds like you might be. You should talk to a psychologist. If you don't know where to find one, you can talk to your regular doctor and he/she should be able to refer you. If you aren't comfortable with talking to a stranger consider talking to a friend or family member. Talking really does help.

    Also, there are various online tests that can give you an estimate of your level of depression. They cannot officially diagnose you, but if you are unsure, they can help. Try to find one on a medical website like webmd or (I'm not sure if the mayo clinic has one). Stay away from quizzes on sites like facebook. They are fake even if it says the test is real.

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    yes it could be, if you have this constant feeling of sadness, maybe you shud see a doctor. But if this happens like every few months than you could be bi polar. You should definatly talk to someone, no one should feel worthless

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