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Making a million before 20?

im finking importing cloths and selling from usa to uk..1 on ebay amazon and just privately..

how els can i make a million before 20 im 17.. ideas ideas ideas...???

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    Hi Saad Mahmood,

    How to become a Millionaire!

    I know of a business that will take you there. However, I believe that you have to be 18 years old to be considered as an adult. Well, it might be only few months to wait before you will be 18 years old.

    They say that it's simple; however, it needs some work.

    1. Visit the site that I know; it's called, http://www.pluginmoneysite.com./

    2. When you will be there, you will see pictures of dollar bills at the top page.

    3. To the right and above those pictures of $ money bills, is a question, Who Else Wants a Proven Internet Business With Easy Automated Income Streams?

    4. You can click that question above or the flashing "Click Here" with orange background.at the right.

    5. After you click, you will be brought to another page:

    6. http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-29834

    7. You will see a picture of a guy, whose name is Stone Evans. He is a multimillionaire and he

    is sharing his method & procedure, how he became one.

    8. You will be directed with a big arrow, pointing to a box, where, you will type your Name and your email address and then click Sign Up!

    9. He will build a free website for you after you secure a registered/hosted Domain Name.

    10. You can get your Domain Name and also hosted at the site, where the underlined words,

    Home Articles, which is at the left side and below to the question above OR

    11. At http://www.pluginmoneysite.com/articles, click the words "Click Here to Get Started" at the bottom.

    12. Good luck!

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    1-you need to be 18 to open an ebay and Paypal acct

    2-no one buys clothes on ebay or amazon or pretty much anywhere online

    you'd be lucky to make $500 profit after all your expenses by the time you are 20 selling clothes

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