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How would I go about searching for upcoming World Cup Fixtures?

Would like to know when the next matches are being played

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    Netherlands vs. Brazil - Jul 2 9:00am (CT) on ESPN

    Uruguay vs. Ghana - Jul 2 1:30pm (CT) on ESPN

    Argentina vs. Germany - Jul 3 9:00am (CT) on ABC

    Paraguay vs. Spain - Jul 3 1:30pm (CT) on ABC


    TBD vs. TBD - Jul 6 1:30pm (CT) on ESPN

    TBD vs. TBD - Jul 7 1:30pm (CT) on ESPN


    TBD vs.TBD - Jul 11 1:30 (CT) on ABC

    Source(s): Fifa.com
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    holland vs brazil, 2 july 3pm (uk time)

    uraguay vs ghana, 2 july 7:30pm (uk time)

    argentina vs germany 3 july 3pm (uk time)

    paraguay vs spain 3 july 7:30pm (uk time)

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