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how do i get away from my abusive mom?

I'm not 18 yet. I hate my mom. She constantly yells nags bitches curses at me. Means mugs me. Slaps me and she hates me. I don't wanna be in thiis family at all :(

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    I know a technique that is 100% effective in stopping the nagging: do what she tells you the first time she tells you.

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    Leave! She obviously doesn't care about you. Go stay with a relative and report her, she needs help.

    I know it's hard cuz she's your mom, but you need to do what you gotta do. Your 18, take care of yourself now!

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    If you get a good paying job, a car, place to live and can prove you are fit to live on your own you can get emancipated.

  • youre 18 find a f*cking job and place of your own if the ***** is what you say she is

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    join the military !

  • 1 decade ago

    u wanna come live with me?

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