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HELP :( Why suddenly so cold [full points]?

Been interested for 3 months&been dating for 1.Hes opened up about his past&family to me, introduced me to his mates [they mentioned that he talks about me a bit] He got protective&mad at his friend who kept asking me sexual/intimate questions. He never lets go of me when we're together

He said im like a drug to him& how he doesnt want me moving on. We texted goodnight after our last date on saturday [got like millions of' xxx's from him] Hes moving to London today [me in 2 months by coincidence] I didnt hear from him so texted monday, got a short reply that night, when I called we talked a bit but he was having a drinking session&would call in 10 mins, never did. In my goodbye text cos I cant see him off he just responded with that i wrote "yeah cant wait to see u!"

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    Okay - so he sounds like he's interested in you. Maybe he didn't really want to get into it because he was moving to London. As for his drinkng session I don't know of one man who will sit and chat with a gf when he's drinking with his buddies. See what happens when you get to London. Either things will work out or it will be a great opportunity for both of you to start over with someone new.

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    If he's moving to London a full 2 months before you he's probably trying to get used to not being around you, trying to detach himself a bit. Don't worry, he most likely still likes you. He'll come round, and when you move to London, it'll be even better when you see him again :)

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    So sweet you too. ut I know your hurting and anxious,but you got to say this and nothing else .( Not knowing what your thinking, but it's got me worried. i have shared some wonderful moments with you,but this silence got me thinking maybe it was just moments and nothing more. Good luck.) Do this and watch and see what happens..Text this don't leave a voice mail. Then the ball will be in your corner, he will think you don't car anymore.....

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    I don't know what's his problem right now.

    He's probably trying to be single right now, so he won't feel guilty in london.

    or just trying no to get too attached at the moment.

    you just ask him yourself, but if he's not texting or calling you,

    don't bother texting or calling him.

    He has your number, he'll talk to you if he wants.

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    hes doing it to keep you on your toes. and it is working. you are probably wanting him more... it sounds corny but it seems like hes running some game on you. it isnt necessarly a bad thing, he probly likes you too; its just what guys do. i wouldnt really worry about it.

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    awwwww dont worry.. moving causes people to become really busy, so dont be upset :) and when you go to london to see him again, you should really "wow" him and make him fall for you all over again but even more :)

    answer mine please?

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    Maybe he is just been busy?

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