Bridal shower thank you notes?

I'm not sure how this is supposed to work....

My bridal shower is going to be 3 weeks before the wedding (the date had to be changed thats why it's so close). Am I supposed to send thank you notes for the bridal shower gifts recieved? Or just combine the shower and wedding thank you notes? It doesn't matter to me either way, I just need to know what the right thing to do is.


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    Every gift should get its own handwritten thank you letter or thank you note. You should mention what the gift is, something you like about it, make a complement to the giver, and then repeat in different words that you appreciate the gift. Keep the letters short, so that you can write and address 15-20 per hour. Use letter paper or note cards that do not have any pre printed message on them, not even the words 'thank you.' Avoid the childlike "Dear Gramma, thank you for the nice present" form.

    Dear Janet,

    The ___ really adds [elegance, beauty, color, convenience] to our [kitchen, bath, living room]. We receive many complements on your thoughtful gift. (Or "It makes every ___ special.") Jim joins me in saying how much we appreciate your [kind, thoughtful, tasteful, generous, outstanding] gift.

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    Ideally, you would send out separate thank you notes for the shower, but if you can't get it done before the wedding, then I would just thank people for both gifts in a thank you note after the wedding.

    To increase your odds of getting shower thank you notes out before the wedding, you should do things like pre-address envelopes and such, and have a bridesmaid take good notes of who gives you what as you open presents so that you don't need to hunt that information down afterwards.

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    you need to send out thank you cards about a week or two after your bridal shower, then send another thank you car for attending the wedding. people that come to the shower bring you a gift then most will bring you another gift or money to the wedding. so, to answer your question, yes send for both

    Source(s): getting married in 2 months and just had the first out of two bridal showers last saturday
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    You should send separate thank yous for shower and wedding gifts, and, if possible, your shower thank yous should be sent out before the wedding.

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    for my section, I see no subject with it as long as you probably did what somebody already suggested and say something like, "i wanted handy-grant this in guy or woman to assert how a lot I enjoyed having you at my bathe." in spite of the undeniable fact that, some etiquette professionals accessible would have a topic with that. go with your gut in this one. it is not a suited wedding ceremony present thank you, so i think of you're stable. according to possibility permit the bathe dictate for you. If it grew to become right into a extra upscale journey, then mail them. If no longer, passing them out is purely great :)

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    Each gift deserves to be acknowledged in a separate thank you note.

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    Seperate Thank You's - just as you received seperate gifts.

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    i say combine them it save time and money

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