depressed.. cant stop smoking weed:( help?

So I have been smoking weed probably for about 3 years now, and i have been smoking it everyday for about a year. so pretty heavily... recently i just lost my job.. and cant afford it anymore.. and i also just got news that my grandmother has lung cancer and has less than 6 months to live.. and lately i just want to kill myself if i dont have any weed but i cant afford to get more im on my last bit and i dont know what to do i keep arguin with my whole family we are all getting into fights out of stress... and im also heartbroken. I just have a lot on my plate and dont know how to deal with this.. i would love to cut back on weed but when i try my dreams get scary and then i cant sleep.. i keep having emotional breakdowns and i just want to feel better without weed somehow.. please help..

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    I would try talking to a therapist or going to the doctor. The doctor might be able to give you some pills which would help temporarily but the therapist is definitely best for long term (and healthier) help.

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    I ve been a weed smoker for about five years now and know the sense of euphoria and escape from problems and stress it gives you. However i also know the negative effects it can have on someones life. I use to be like just aany other pothead swearing up and down that marijuana was non habit forming, and in no way bad for you. i know now that isnt true. if u allow it it can leave you depenedent, needy, and un motivated about your work and life. U cant allow an object to control you. I realized about two years ago that i was entirely too dependent on it. i felt like i wanted to b high every moment of everyday because it made life more fun and interesting. so i decided to stop. i recommend u do the same. find something u enjoy. find an activity or person u can fall in love with. Do some soul searching. Find God. life is short, LIVE IT!!! and with no regrets. U fall down and feel like crap oh well dust ure self off and get up. ure not alone many people have come out of worse situations on top. u will find life is a lot more bearable with a little optimsm and perspective. Im no saint and ill admit that i still indulge in an occasional blunt now and then but it isnt even close to the rate it was before. Im not one of those people who believe weed is entirely evil and should be abolished. I still see it as natural and a safer alternative to alcohol. but ANYTHING can be a drug if u allow it to be. until u can entirely depend on ure self and not self indulgence U need to let go of that one thing thats holding u back.......

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    Smoking weed is not the main problem here, understand that. The main problem here is your depression. The depression is gettin' heavier as is your weed consumption. But there is a solution.

    The solution is to indeed take a break from smoking weed for now (and yes, I know how hard this is going to be for you because I also smoke weed and really like smoking it, although I can't toke right now at the moment). Doing this will help you rebuild yourself, mentally mainly. The dreams you've been experienceing I heard about, as many weed smokers who can't smoke at the moment, as yourself, experience them. They will slow down, I betcha. Just try doing something relaxing before going to bed to try to help you mind stay cheery and relaxed.

    The depression as I mention can easily be eased a little by trying to focus (without the weed for now) to live a lifestyle stressfree without depending on anyone else but yourself. You, yourself, alone have the power to live stress free and I know it! Anyone who smokes weed clearly sees the world around them, and you can see that's why I believe you are able to notice things. Notice things and are feeling the effects of them. So, engage in different activities and loosen your mind a little. Try to find a different job (I know it's easier said than done) and try to spend (by being around or talking) to your grandmother the most you can, while being happy and enjoying her presence. Make your life easier, not hard. You can do it! If you ever need help get at me. You got this though, I know you do. Now go get it...

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    try to take a tolerance break, i know what its like to not be able to smoke a blunt, or a bowl to myself, and to the girl that referred a doctor to you, watch TV commercials about depression pills, they can cause severe depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and in cases, even death, but yet Cannabis is illegal... a backwards world we live in

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    Find some better weed.

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