Are Virgos followers or are they just "practical"?

I'm not saying all Virgos are like this but it's always a surprise when a virgo becomes a follower to me. I thought they were smart.

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    1 decade ago
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    well Im a virgo and some are balanced which makes a person smart.

    Im not saying that all virgos are smart, because being smart its not about being a follower or a leader. smart its about being open minded and if your not then this makes you dumb.

    being all the time a leader and not a follower its being closed minded and dumb, because then you are blocking the ways of giving options and choices to people that also can help you. being a leader all the time will result in not getting along with others and not being a team player which is helping others to help yourself as well.

    being a follower all the time makes you dumb, because you are not making your own choices and sometimes they can be bad or good choices, either way you are not being aware of right and wrong and things can go very bad for you if you follow a bad leader.

    being balanced is being smart, sometimes you need to lead and sometimes you need to follow, all depends on the situation.

    so me answering you this question, me being virgo and me being smart because Im both makes you a closed minded person by saying that you thought all virgos were smart which is generalizing and Im assuming you are a leader person and never a follower which means you need to be both, balanced.

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    1 decade ago

    The Virgo's I know aren't followers.

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    1 decade ago

    Hmm I know one who is a major follower. He is a Virgo sun, with Gemini moon.

    Then I know my cousin who is definitely not. He is a Virgo sun, with Leo moon.

    My cousin is an oddball around us, but he acts normal sometimes lol.

    Whereas my old friend, did whatever the crowd did. Which was annoying to me.

    I'm a Cancer sun Leo moon, and I get along more with my cousin. :P

    Maybe cause we're family.

    Everyone is different haha... >.>;

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    It depends on the charts but most Virgo's are followers because they like to be sidekicks and assistants

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    lol they are smart. if you have ideas and a lifestyle that is up to their standards that is the only way they will be "following" you. otherwise, it's not typical and they will try to "fix" things about you to make you a better person. It's just their nature.

    Source(s): virgo sister and virgo friends
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    1 decade ago

    it depends on their whole chart

    im a virgo with sag moon and i hate when someone tries to control me

  • virgo no doubt smarter then others but not for all.

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