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I have so much grief because my dad fractured my nose and other forms of abuse?

It was last yr and I don't now how to deal with it I feel so bad sometimes I want to committ suicide due to this treatment. I don't live with him anymore but it hampers my ability to focus on the future and more important things like homework. I just have so many problems depression, anxiety, a ****** up past, insomnia, poor grades which I'm trying to fix but I just can't concentrate because of sleepiness which can result in the same thing but I'm trying to get at least a 3.0 so I can get aid and get accepted to far colleges so I can get away from my whole family not just immediate family members. Prretty much I have a hard time moving on and accomplishing those goals so I leave this environment not my house but everything around me.

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    Call your local hospital and ask them for a referral to a therapist. There are medications available to help you deal with the anxiety and if this is more like a stress disorder they can help with that too.

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    I agree that a therapist would help you and give you some additional support also. YOu can also go to and click on 'get started free' and resolve the trauma of your nose and other issues by apply the free version to anything you want to resolve and neutralize... or you can find a therapist here this method works quickly while you are applying it.

    Otherwise, get counseling at the school, mental health clinic, or something .......

    Then develope your network of friends, support and join groups that interest you,and findmentors.

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    therapy reallyy works ik ive been there

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