Mom and Sister Are Sick?

My mom and sister have some sort of stomach bug, I took off to take care of them. They are both nauseous and throwing up. I'm about to go to the store and buy some ginger soda, but I don't know what else to get for them- they don't want to eat anything so I can't offer them saltine crackers. What else would be good for them right now to relieve the nausea. I can't get them to drink tea either. Thanks.

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    Gatorade to replenish electrolytes.

    they will eat when they are ready. when they get hungry and can handle solid foods start the B.R.A.T diet.



    Apple sauce


    Until they can handle more solid foods.

    They should be urinating at least every 4 hours if not then they are dehydrated. severe dehydration will require medical attention/ hospitalization until better.

    Hope this helped!


    The person above me suggested water...

    Do not drink water with the stomach flu. water can actually cause the eltrolytes to be unbalanced and that can make them even more sick. Until they are better they need to drink gatorade!

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    If the problem is in the stomach they wont be able to eat anything just get them to sip water, soda. Tea is no good it is too acid for the stomach. Once they can eat something stick with plain food rice, chicken soup nothing fatty.

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    Pick up some broth for them and give them crackers,chipped ice and plenty of liquids to keep then hydrated,tell them to eat the crackers anyway.They may be a bit cranky feeling like crap.Soup ,and jello you can try also.ADD; sipping water is fine..

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