Looking For Classical Music?

That is bleak, melancholy or depressing.

Preferably the cello and violin although other instruments are fine.

I prefer solo performances or small string quartets/chamber groups as apposed to orchestral works. However this is only a preference and ocrestral performances and contemporary bands are ok.

If you could please list any composers, artisits, bands or even better albums that you would reccomend.

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    Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell

    Schindler's List Theme by John Williams

  • Surprisingly one of the most melancholy pieces of all time is J.S.. Bach's "Chaconne" from his Violin Partita #2. He wrote it when he came back from a trip and found that his wife had died when he was away. You can hear the outcries of grief, the anguish, and the questioning. It's disturbing and profound.

    Chopin wrote many bleak pieces, particularly I can think of his prelude op. 28 #4. and of course his famous Sonata #2.

    There is of course the Barber Adagio for Strings, but I can't stand to listen to that anymore, it's been overplayed. If you want out and out depressing you should go for some Mahler, like Symphony 9 (the first and last movements) and Das LIed von der Erde. Since you like chamber groups you should check out the chamber music version of Das Lied arranged by none other than Arnold Schoenberg. The best performance has Monica Groop as mezzo soprano (http://www.classical.net/music/recs/reviews/b/bis0...

    For bleak and depressing you may also want to check out Berg's Violin Concerto, written for the death of Alma Mahler's daughter.

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    I'm inclined to think of Shostakovich as pretty much the master of "bleak". Try listening to the (slow) third movement of his 5th Symphony in the dark via a good hifi system. That lonely oboe solo is about the only piece of music which physically brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it.

    The 8th string quartet is a fine work too. Written in memory of victims of WW2, it is quite tragic.

    Bartok's 2nd quartet is another personal favourite. There is something very sad about it, but it's the type of piece you need to hear a few times before it makes sense.

    I'd also recommend Vaughan Williams "Sinfonia Antartica". It gives you an icy blast...

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    bachs cello suite 5

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    Mozart's Requiem. Period.

    Source(s): I listen to the cd I have of it still.
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