dell mini 10 or sony vaio p series?

Any suggestion which one I should choose. I'm really liking the sony but it's pit pricey the dell one is half the price of the sony but the sony is lighter. I looking for something small light for school purpose since hulling my 15.4 inch laptop is like killing me. Which one is better? why? Anyone know the battery life ... any personal experience with either one of these net books.

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  • 4 years ago

    Sony has a greater helpful song record, and the help is knowledgeable. i'm able to't say something unfavourable approximately Sony. genuinely everyone went with Dell, via fact Dell had the perfect costs for an prolonged time. the challenge with Dell is they have a 2d fee help group. specific, they provide great help, in accordance to their classified ads, however the certainty is they only study from a script and that they are people who have 0 awareness approximately computers. while Dell hires the help workforce, from yet another united states, they bypass with the backside bidder. this means that the backside bidder desires to hire human beings as decrease priced as they could, so the common of the individuals is terrible. To cause them to look greater American, they provide them American names, yet they're purely point names.

  • 1 decade ago

    ok i would say dont get any because they have bad memory but i would say dell because its cheaper and the hard drive is more on sony the memory is more if u wanted to get sony get somthing else im pretty sure u can find something wayyyyyyyyy better 4 $900

    if u only want one of the 2 get dell

    Source(s): went on the web sites
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