what is a a creative cheap costume for a costume contest?

the last costume contests i did the costumes were: a "5 Gaited haflinger pony" we took a bunch of one of my old instructor's reserve world champion pony's ribbons and trophies it kinda sucked though. the next one was just for fun at a home show i dressed up one of the horses and the theme was " Shower fresh" i put an old flower-y bed sheet on the horse, and painted his hooves purple with purple twinkle toes! and cut an eye mask out of felt and tied it around his ears. and put his mane in curlers. i wore my bath robe put my hair up in a towel, and wore some pj bottoms. it was kinda week. what are some good cheap ideas for a costume contest. this show i'm doing it with my mare, she is black, her name is quiche and everything for her is purple and blue. what are some good ideas? no nasty answers please!! thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hmmm. This is kinda like your old idea but you could put a flowery bed sheet on the horse like last time and wear your pajammas. You could put a face mask on again and mess up your hair and you could wear slippers.

    Another idea is that you could glue a bunch of stuffing on a sheat or saddle pad that will fit the horse and make it look like a cloud. You could put light blue twinkle toes on her hoofs and call it floating on a cloud or something like that. You could wear pajammas that have clouds on them or something. Hope you like my idea!

    This is a stupid idea but you could dress up like you are showing and put abunch of ribbions on the reings. and hold a trophy. I hoped I helped!

  • 1 decade ago

    can you ride bareback, go as a native get white paint and draw on your horses butt and put a circle around the eye

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