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What do you say to a man that doesn't like to step up and be a man and help support his wife?

Ive known a man for about 17 years. I know him like hte back of my hand. He has a serious problem. The problem is that he doesnt like owning up to his repsonibilites and helpin his wife pay her bills when she needs his help. He always says its not my job to help you pay your bills its your own (damn fault). When he does help this woman pay her bills when she needs the help he has such a negative attitude toward her. He always says you need to go get another job and pay your own bills. Most really men would help there women out with there bills. My question to you people out there do you think it is wrong for a woman to ask her husband for help? Do you think it is wrong he gets attitudes and pitches and fit and walks around the house with frown on his face because he had to help his wife?

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    What kind of bills does his wife have that are specifically hers? Does she run up huge credit card bills or something? If that's the case, and she has done this several times before, then maybe this is tough love. If he is making her pay the mortgage, electric, cable, etc. then he's a jerk.

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    Depends what you are calling "her" bills. If they're shared household bills like the mortgage or utilities, then he should help pay them. If they're bills for shoes and manicures, then no, she should pay for those herself or do without.

    It's cute that you equate supporting a wife with being a "real" man. Typical gold digging princess mentality

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    The entire feminist movement , The ERA and empowered , independent women the world over would call him a demeaning sexist pig for trying to help .

    Don't you know women aren't only equals but superior and would never lower themselves to accept help from some scum , bastard man.

    Source(s): He's probably just a firm supporter of feminism.
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    Wow, today's a first, "sheloves" actually said something that I agree with.

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