How often is there tactical kicking in Rugby League?

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    There is very little tactical kicking in League. Because you have guaranteed possession for six downs, you rarely see the ball kicked until the fifth tackle. The game is much more like American football than Union in that fashion.

    Kicking for touch is something to avoid if possible. League uses a scrum (with the put-in to the non-kicking team) to restart when a kicked ball bounces into touch. With League's uncontested scrums, it is a certain turnover as well as a pretty good attacking platform to the other team.

    Obviously there is a lot of kicking after the fifth tackle -- a kick for territory in your own end, or a chip or grubber into the try zone if you are close to the line. What you almost never see is an up-and-under. The small territorial gain isn't worth the risk of a turnover.

    The only exception is when one of the backs sees a good opportunity for a 40-20 kick, and has enough time and space to line the kick up properly. Even then, they are few and far between.

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