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okay help sex advice needed urgently?

okay my girl and i have decided to have sex. but she told me she doesn't want us to try and make it happen but we should just let it happen or let the chips fall where they may in her words can anyone please help me interpret this??

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    AS A WOMAN she means she does not want it as something that was pre set up or planed she wants it to be something that she is in the mood for when it fills right for her.You know like when the two of you are alone watching some movie and you just happen to start kissing for no reason and she gets really into it ,then she will let you know its time.

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    Yes, she wants you both swept away in a moment of passion.

    I'd really start seriously looking at this girl's intentions. This is how girls get pregnant, they're not prepared, and not using protection is just plain stupid.. Just like everything good in life a little thought and preparation only add the moment. If you talked about the consequences of having sex and being prepared for it then that's okay.

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    She sounds like she's not sure what she wants to do. And, she doesn't want to feel rushed or pressured into having sex. If it happens it happens if not it doesn't. Go slow. If you're kissing and touching and taking it to the next level go for it. If she's not comfortable then stop and try again. I realize this sounds very frustrating but if you really care for her you'll let her set the pace.

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    Let it be a meeting of the eyes across the room a smile and then a joining. NOT "ok so i've soccer practise this Tuesday and you have cheerleading class on Wednesday so on Thursday at say 4:53 p.m. let's get spontaneous and F****k." and um.... how old are you guys?

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    Him not moaning doesn't always mean you're not doing a god job. Perhaps he's shy? But, try this; - (Be sure you're wearing a skirt for this one, but no underwear; trust me) When you're about to, & want to be kinky, make him lay on the bed on his back, & straddle his hips. Softly hold his hands, planting little sweet kisses on his lips, & keeping that gentle hold on the hands. Once he gets used to it, meaning he kisses back or smiles, let go of his hands & give him a cute smile. Then, grab his wrists & press them down onto to bed; pin them there. Turn the innocent kissing into a make out until he gets turned on (you should be able to tell). When you're done with the make out, pull off his shorts/pants & underwear/boxers. Stradle him again, & push in; make sure you're going in deep if you want a good reaction!

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    it means she wants you to take responsibility and she wants to be able to say it just happened. Girls always have this fantasy of plausible deniability for things. So dont mention sex, just be romantic, plan a nice elaborate date. DONT MENTION SEX. Go to dinner, nice place have wine/drikns if ur of age. Go to a play or show or concert (especially an outdoor concert at night, have dessert). Take her home, take her upstairs and give her a night to remember. OH AND U WERENT PLANNING ANYTHING IT JUST HAPPENED. remember that. dude she wants it as much as you do. she just doenst know how to deal w that feeling yet. make her feel safe and loved and its all yours.

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    Sounds like she wants it to be romantic and passionate. Don't be like "OK, lets do this thing, take off your clothes". Do a lot of kissing and making out first so she gets warmed up to it. Don't talk about it.

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    Shes meaning that she doesnt want forced sex like "hey honey wanna have sex" she wants it to just come naturally. You can improve this by having time alone and then seductively doing stuff (kissing her, feeling her, etc.) and then lead it to foreplay.

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    She means she wants it to happen naturallyShe doesn't want to rush into it. Basically when you two are fooling around one day, she just wants it to happen on a whim, not seem like it was planned.

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    Yea she wants it spontaneous.

    Don't worry.... here is what you do. You don't give in eventually she will be so anxious to go for it she will jump.

    It's only a matter of time before she gives in to the desire.

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