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Once the season ends, what will happen to the attendance at Target Field?

Will it fall to Metrodome type attendance or will there be sellouts for years to come?

I'm thinking the latter...


@sarafedezhoekee: lol.

but if you're serious, I meant to begin next season

Update 2:

@ I hate Twinkies: Oh come on, it's not like Detroit isn't like that :)

Update 3:

kind of an extra BQ, but to the Twins fans, do you think half the people there are just there to party and enjoy the stadium for its atmosphere? Hardly anyone watches. What do you think?

^ and by "partying" I mean drinking beer and chatting in the halls.

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    Good question. I certainly hope we'll continue to have sellouts next season, but it's common for attendance to drop off a little so I won't be too surprised if it does. We do have a beautiful stadium though so I'm betting the fans will continue to come in large numbers.

  • It will fall below metrodome attendence....

    Once the lure of a new stadium wears off, people will realize that without a dome, the stadium is the same temperature as outside is!!!

    The Metrodome had the lure of temperature control... When it was 90 to 100 degrees outside, people could go inside for AC...

    When it was 40 degrees or lower outside, people could go for heat...

    Those days (60-75% of the baseball season in Minnesota) won't have even close attendence to the Metrodome.

  • JenJen
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    1 decade ago

    The Twins have a good fanbase. I don't think they have to worry about attendance any time. The fans are going to continue to support that and they have a new stadium which is even more reason for the fans to come out and show the Twins some love and support. They have some good players too. A good team to watch up there.

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    their will be sellouts cause now the twins r a great team where they will be in the playoff race every year in the next 5 years and the ballpark is awesome

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    I'm confused. Everyone else seems to get it. I'm lost. Once the season ends, isn't attendance at zero? Do the Vikings play there, too? I'm lost.

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    Good players, means a good team, which means fans will come to watch.

    I think Target Field will be pretty filled for years to come.

  • 4-3.
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    No, I think the citizens of Minnesota are there to stay. They support the Twins well.

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