How to Uninstall Eset Smart Security?

Hi I really really need help.... I want to uninstall Eset Smart Security 4.0.437.0 because it says my licensing credentials are expired. I dunno what it is. But when I try to, it says "I need essbe_nod32.msi file"?


Hey guys what happened?!! I cant go to I want to download an installer! HELP!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    U need Eset uninstall Tool

    Follow the assistance from the Eset official website.

  • 1 decade ago

    However I was able to remove the older version of ESET manually and then reinstall a fresh version, for those who are interested, here are the steps you need to perform.

    Step 1: Boot the computer

    in safe mode, press the F8 key while rebooting and choose Safe mode from the list.

    Step 2: Make sure that ESET service or any related services are not running, or else you will not be able to perform the next steps.

    To do that go to Start –> Run and type in “services.msc” without the quotes.

    In the services window, search for services that begin with ESET, stop the services if they are already running, and delete the services. There will be possibly two services related to ESET named ESET Service and ESET Http Server.

    Step 3: Go to C:\Program Files and delete the ESET folder, if you have multiple ESET products installed, only delete the one that you want to uninstall from within the ESET products. Change the drive letter to the drive where windows is installed.

    Step 4: Go to Start –> Run and type in Regedit to open the registry editor, in the registry editor, navigate to HK_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software and delete the entire ESET key.

    You will be shown a prompt, click yes on it to complete the deletion.

    Step 5: Reboot your computer and boot in normal mode.

    The ESET Smart Security or NOD32 application should now be deleted, you can install a newer version of the software or install another Antivirus software with ease.

  • Mike S
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    1 decade ago

    Your uninstaller software is missing or have to uninstall it manually......

    Start > Search > all files and Folders .....Use Eset, Eset Smart, Eset Smart Security as searches...also use the manufacturer of the products name also (for example if you had would use Symantec its manufacturing company) will have to do about 8 searches and also include hidden files....but when they appear ...just start deleting them one by one...also...make sure that the AV product is turned off...otherwise it will not let you delete the protective module.....

  • Daniel
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    5 years ago

    eset paswoord lost

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  • mgo316
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    1 decade ago

    go to the control panel add remove programs then remove!!!!!!!!!

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