Have another UTI!!!! Help?

OK so i have been having UTI's since i was 15 im now 19 i would get them every 2-3 months i would go to the doctor and some antibiotics and would help but they keep on coming back. About six months ago i had surgery for that purpose i had a cystoplasty and i thought i was cured but no it came back again and its so painful any ideas??

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    I'm so sorry about your medical predicament. The only thing I can add is what you could do that does not involve medicine. A daily consumption of cranberry juice might be a good thing. Making sure your urine has enough acid is one way to fight a uti infection. I would recommend looking in alternative holistic methods. Perhaps having your doctor check for any infectious disease agents in your pelvic area. You might never know that your UTI's might have an unknown cause or origin that might because by a parasite.

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    You did the correct factor in preventing-if you're that allergic, you could be placing your self at hazard for anaphlactic surprise-which might very good kill your self and your unborn baby. Hopefully, they'll name you again quickly, due to the fact that UTIs can placed you at hazard for pre-time period exertions. If you do not listen again inside the following few hours, name once more. This is anything they must be caring for ASAP. But I do think you made the correct option. Allergies are a horrifying factor. Cranberry juice/tablets haven't any aspect results and are one hundred% riskless. The poster beneath me is correct-it could be a shrewd factor to do. You can begin taking cranberry tablets now to support with the contamination. It may not take it away due to the fact that it sounds unhealthy, however it is going to support. I have used it ago-I took two tablets 3x/day for every week, after which 2pills an afternoon for every week, and it was once utterly long gone.

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    Many People Use: Thyme Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Melaleuca Essential Oil

    You can: Take internally in a capsule or apply a warm compress over the bladder.

    You can also use the Essential oil blend Purify, then Lemongrass, Geranium and Bergamot Essential oils.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

    Good luck!

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